These Policies and FAQ are part of Bambi Tods Terms of Service. 

If you purchase toys from us, these policies form a part of the contract between you and us. Please review these policies carefully. If you do not agree with these policies, you must not purchase any toys from us. 

Purchase Policies:

  1. Payment: When making a purchase, you must pay the specified fees and charges at the time of checkout. We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and Alipay.
  2. Promotional Pricing: At times, we may offer promotional pricing or discounts. These promotions are applicable only for the specified period during checkout. We reserve the right to determine eligibility for these promotions and may take action in cases of perceived fraudulent activity.
  3. Refunds: All pre-loved purchases are final, and no refunds will be provided for fees you have already paid. Please note that our pre-loved toys are in good, functional condition but are not of new quality. Only brand new purchases are available for refunds within a time period of 14 days from the purchase date.
  4. Toy Warranty: We do not offer a warranty on the toys as we are not the manufacturer. While we source toys from reputable suppliers and include high-quality items in our selection, any defects are addressed by replacing the toy with a non-defective one at our expense.
  5. Delivery of goods:  Delivery of toy products will be carried out in the following days - Friday to Sunday. You will be notified via email or message when they are on the way.
    a. For toy purchases, a courier fee will be applied at the best rates available to use by the courier service.
    b. Where applicable delivery will be provided by a third party courier service and will be booked using the delivery schedules available to us by the courier.
    c. Delivery is currently available from every Friday to Sunday between 10am and 10pm.
    d. Delivery times by courier may fall outside of 8am – 8pm, a time slot will be provided upon booking.
    e. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the address provided is correct and if delivery of the purchased item is frustrated (for example, if the Renter or representative is not at the delivery point when agreed, or if the Renter or representative is not ready to take delivery at the time advised to us, or if we cannot gain access to the delivery point), then we reserve the right to charge a re-delivery or recollection fee.
    f. Please note that we are not liable for any delivery delays caused by our third party delivery provider.
  6. Self-Collection: Self-collection is available. Proof of identification must be provided upon collection of the equipment, by showing us your Order ID and/or reference number.


1. How can I make a purchase? 

To make a purchase, you can browse our selection and select the items you wish to buy. Proceed to checkout and provide the necessary payment information to complete your purchase. Failure to provide up-to-date and accurate Payment Account information may result in suspension or termination of your subscription and account (in addition to any other rights we may have). 

2. Who pays for delivery? 

If you purchase from us, you may be asked to pay for delivery. 

3. Are there any discounts or promotional pricing available for purchases?

We may offer discounts or promotional pricing on selected items. These promotions are only applicable during the specified period at checkout. 

4. What is the refund policy for purchases? 

All pre-loved purchases and promotional items are final, and we do not provide refunds for fees. Only brand new toys purchased are eligible for refunds within 14 days of purchase, and must be returned to us at our premises. Please notify us via email at [email protected], once the item is returned, the refund process will take place and you will receive a refund within 7 to 14 business days.

5. Is there a warranty on the toys I purchase?

We do not offer a warranty on the toys, but if you encounter any defects, we will replace the item at our expense.

6. Can I exchange my toys? 

Exchanges are allowed within 14 days after purchase, that is if the new toys are in their original packaging with no damage and must be returned to us at our premises. Please notify us via email at [email protected].

7. How long will it take to receive my toys after I order? 

To receive your goods within the same week, please send in your order by Thursday 12pm. Deliveries will be carried out in the following days - Friday to Sunday. You will be notified via email or message when the goods are on the way.

These policies and FAQs provide a clear understanding of the purchases of toys for Bambi Tods.