Toy Rental Policies & FAQ

These Policies and FAQ are part of Bambi Tods Terms of Service. 

If you rent toys from us, these policies form a part of the contract between you and us. Please review these policies carefully. If you do not agree with these policies, you must not purchase any toy subscriptions from us. 

Toy Rental Policies: 

  1. Subscription Cost: When you subscribe to our toy rental service, you will be charged the rental subscription fee based on your selected plan automatically until you cancel. 
  2. Cancellation: You can cancel your toy rental subscription at any time by adjusting your account settings or by sending a request to our support team at [email protected]. Cancellation stops future recurring charges but does not result in refunds for previously-paid fees. 
  3. Cleaning and Safety: Our toys undergo professional cleaning using water-based disinfectant and UV Sterilisation. Toys are packaged securely and shipped.
  4. Deliveries/Collection of goods (Toy Swaps): Deliveries and collection of rental goods will be carried out in the following days - Friday to Sunday. You will be notified via email or message when the goods are on the way.
    a. Delivery is included for Toy Rental Packages, however delivery fees may apply if you are located in the North and West Region of Singapore.(Please refer to the Regions in Singapore in our T&Cs for the categories)
    b. Toy Rental Packages will be delivered by Bambi Tods.
    c. It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that the address provided is correct and if delivery or collection of the rented product is frustrated (for example, if the Renter or representative is not at the delivery point when agreed, or if the Renter or representative is not ready to take delivery at the time advised to us, or if we cannot gain access to the delivery point), then we reserve the right to charge a re-delivery or recollection fee. 
  5. Self-Collection: Self-collection is available. Proof of identification must be provided upon collection of the products, by showing us your Order ID and/or reference number.
  6. Rental Start Date
    a. Rental Start Date is the first day of rental and the day rented items will be delivered to you. (e.g. day selected to receive is Friday)
    b. Delivery time will be agreed in advance between us and the Renter between the hours of 10am to 10pm, an additional charge may apply for delivery in the North and West Region of Singapore.(Please refer to the Regions in Singapore in our T&Cs for the categories)
    c. Delivery will be carried out weekly between Friday to Sunday.
  7. Rental End Date  
    a. Rental End Date is the last day of hire when hire items will be collected from you. (e.g. preferred day selected to receive previously is Friday, therefore collection will also be on Friday)
    b. Collection timings will be agreed in advance between us and the Renter between the hours of 10am to 10pm, an additional charge may apply for collection In the North and West Region of Singapore.(Please refer to the Regions in Singapore in our T&Cs for the categories)
    c. Collection will be carried out monthly (every 4 weeks) between Friday to Sunday.
  8. Rent and Deposit: The Renter agrees to pay;
    1. The agreed full rental cost and deposit at the point of booking and prior to taking possession of the products.
    2. Deposit refunds: We will refund the deposit to the Renter within 7 to 14 business days, after all items are thoroughly checked and in order respectively, aside from normal wear and tear.   
    3. Charges for delivery & collection, if applicable for North and West Region of Singapore.(Please refer to the Regions in Singapore in our T&Cs for the categories)
    4. Charges for rent extensions 
    5. Full costs associated with loss, theft, destruction, damage, diminution of the product's value caused by damage, repair and loss of use of the product.   
    6. Late returns: for products not returned on the agreed rental end date, a $10 late fee will be charged each day the product is not returned unless an extension has been agreed in advance between us and the Renter. 
    7. In the event of non-return, all costs associated with locating and recovering the product or failing this, the cost of replacing the product at the current recommended retail price
  9. Toy Availability: Rental of toys is subject to availability.
  10. Confirmation of Order: Upon receipt of the order, we will confirm the booking by email.  This confirmation should be checked thoroughly by the Renter and any errors, omissions or queries sent to us within 24 hours of receiving the booking confirmation.  If we receive no such notification we will assume the details of the confirmation are correct and delivery will be booked as agreed.
  11.  Rent extensions: Depending on availability, the Renter may extend the period of the rent and the charge for this is due before the commencement of the rent or on the date of the extension. If an extension is not available then the Renter agrees to return the product per the original rent period. Extended rental periods are charged at the normal daily rate of $10/day.
  12. Toy Check at Delivery: We will deliver the products with a full condition report including any visible wear and tear supported by photographic evidence.
    a. The Renter is responsible for checking the condition report and ensuring that they are satisfied with the condition of the products delivered. If there are any discrepancies with the condition report, missing items or if there is any visible damage to the products, the Renter should inform us within 12 hours of receipt.
    b. We will use all reasonable endeavours to replace missing items or damaged products. If we are unable to replace or repair the product, we will offer a refund equal to the remaining, unused part of the Rental Period. Any refund due will be made within 7-14 business days from the date on which we agree that the Renter is entitled to a refund. Refunds will be made using the original payment method.
  13. Toy care instructions: We will ensure that all delivery packages come with a toy care instruction card for the Renter.
    a. The Renter has full responsibility for the care and safekeeping of the product and will retain it in their possession and under their control at all times.
    b. It is the Renter’s responsibility to provide adequate supervision where appropriate. 
    c. The Renter must not use or store the product in a manner likely to cause or inflict damage to the product.
    d. The product should be returned in a similar condition to when it was delivered at the start of the rent except for normal wear and tear.
    e. The Renter is not responsible for any pre-existing damage to the product that has already been identified.
    f. If during the course of the Rental Period, the product becomes faulty or stops working properly so that it is not safe to use or is damaged, please discontinue use and report the problem to us via email [email protected]
  14. Damage during rent and return:
    a. Where damage has occurred during the Rental Period, the Renter is responsible and agrees to pay the cost of repairing any and all damaged parts or the cost of replacing all damaged parts whichever is most economical, including labour, materials, parts, VAT, and delivery charges to and from the repair establishment plus any administrative costs for processing legal claims and associated expenses so that the product is returned in full working order. 
    b. Where the product is damaged beyond repair, the Renter will pay for the full replacement cost of the product at the current recommended retail price. The Renter agrees to pay any diminution of the product’s value caused by damage. 
    c. The Renter is responsible for any damage incurred in transit due to the items being incorrectly or inadequately packaged by the Renter.


1. How much does a toy rental subscription cost? 

Subscription costs vary based on your selected plan. Please refer to our pricing details for specific information here. (put a link)

2. How can I make a purchase? 

To make a purchase, you can browse our selection and select the items you wish to rent. Proceed to checkout and provide the necessary payment information to complete your purchase. Failure to provide up-to-date and accurate Payment Account information may result in suspension or termination of your subscription and account (in addition to any other rights we may have).

3. What is included in a toy subscription? 

Each package comes with a selection of educational wooden toys from the Toy Library by you. The number and types of toys included will vary depending on the toy rental subscription tier you sign up for. Our current toy rental subscription tiers and pricing are described here. (put a link) . 

4. Are your subscription fees and subscription packages subject to change? 

Yes. The toy rental subscription fees, toy availability and the mix of toys included at any particular subscription tier are each subject to change with prior notice to you. In connection with our prior notice to you of any such subscription change, you will be given an opportunity to cancel your subscription before incurring any additional charges (including any additional charges at increased pricing rates). If you do not cancel before the next payment is scheduled to be charged (when we have indicated the subscription change will take effect), the monthly subscription fee for the updated subscription package (including at the increased pricing rate, if applicable) will be charged automatically to your payment method in that period and in each period thereafter until you cancel. 

5. Can I cancel my toy rental subscription? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by adjusting your account settings or sending a request to [email protected]. Cancellation stops future charges, but previously-paid fees are non-refundable.

6. How are the toys cleaned for rental? 

We use a water-based disinfectant for cleaning followed by UV Sterilisation.

7. How long will it take to receive my toys after I order? 

To receive your goods within the same week, please send in your order by Thursday 12pm. Deliveries will be carried out in the following days - Friday to Sunday. You will be notified via email or Whatsapp when the goods are on the way.

8. What age of toys should I select? 

We encourage you to only browse toys that are in your child’s age category and be conscious of the age grading that is given on each toy. These age recommendations include safety considerations. Please be very mindful not to give toys to children younger than the age listed on the product.

9. What happens if a toy becomes damaged while I’m using it? 

We of course expect each toy to be used and played with, and understand that light damage or other ordinary wear and tear may occur. If a toy breaks after normal use, please remove the toy immediately from your child’s access and email us at [email protected] with images of the toy. Products beyond repair will require you to pay for a replacement at the current recommended retail price.

10. A toy arrived at my address already defective, damaged or missing parts (e.g., not due to me or my use). What should I do? 

We’re sorry for this inconvenience! Please send an email to [email protected] at within 12 hours of receipt to let us know your items were damaged in transit or before. We will deliver you a replacement toy(s) at no additional charge to you, please keep and return the damaged items using the return materials we provide in your replacement delivery. 

11. I cancelled my subscription. What do I need to do now?

We’re sorry to see you go, and hope you’ll consider re-subscribing soon. 

12. What will happen if my payment method has expired or is declined? 

If you have a subscription and your subscription is due to renew and your payment method fails, we will attempt to notify you by email to the email address we have on file for your account. Unless we have otherwise agreed with you in writing, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription at the end of the current subscription period. 

These policies and FAQs provide a clear understanding of the toy rental processes for Bambi Tods.