Pastel Rainbow Cupcake Sorting (2y+)


Plywood, MDF

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Learning Outcomes: 
1. Fine Motor Skills Development:
Children enhance their hand-eye coordination and dexterity as they use the tongs to pick up and sort the colored balls into the corresponding cupcake slots.

2. Discovery of the World (Cognitive Development):
Encourages exploration and problem-solving as children classify the coloured balls based on their colour and sort them into the matching cupcake slots, fostering cognitive skills and colour recognition.

3. Numeracy:
Supports early numerical skills development as children count the number of balls sorted into each cupcake slot, introducing basic counting and quantity concepts.

4. Aesthetics and Creative Expression:
Stimulates imaginative play and creativity as children engage in pretend baking scenarios, decorating cupcakes, hosting tea parties, and running a bakery, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.

5. Social and Emotional Development:
Promotes perseverance and tenacity as children learn to use the tongs to pick up balls, encouraging them to overcome challenges and develop patience and determination. Additionally, cooperative play and teamwork are fostered as children collaborate to complete the sorting task, promoting sharing, communication, and positive social interactions.