Little Houses (1-2y+)


Wood, Non-toxic water-based colour stain

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Learning Outcomes: 
1. Discovery of the World (Cognitive Development):
Encourages exploration and understanding of spatial relationships and architectural concepts as children design and build vibrant cities or villages using the little houses. They learn to arrange the blocks to create various layouts, fostering cognitive development and creativity.

2. Fine Motor Skills Development:
Promotes the development of fine motor skills as children handle and stack the wooden blocks to construct buildings. By grasping, stacking, and arranging the blocks, they enhance hand-eye coordination, grip strength, and finger dexterity.

3. Aesthetics and Creative Expression:
Inspires creativity and imaginative play as children design colorful landscapes with the little houses. They can create their own stories and scenarios, developing storytelling skills and fostering creative expression.

4. Social and Emotional Development:
Encourages social interaction and cooperation as children collaborate with others to build cities or villages together. They learn to communicate, negotiate, and work as a team, promoting social skills and emotional development.