Vegetable Chopping Set (2y+)


Solid wood, Tape

Product Size: 
19.2x6.2x7.1 cm

Learning Outcomes:
1. Fine Motor Skills Development:
Children enhance their hand-eye coordination and dexterity as they use the play knife to chop and slice the vegetables, promoting fine motor skill development.

2. Discovery of the World (Cognitive Development):
Encourages exploration and understanding of food concepts as children learn about different vegetables, their colors, shapes, and engage in pretend play activities.

3. Language and Literacy:
Children learn the names of various vegetables, supporting language and literacy development as they become familiar with new vocabulary.

4. Numeracy:
Supports numerical skills development as children may engage in counting activities, such as counting the number of slices or pieces of vegetables.

5. Aesthetics and Creative Expression:
Stimulates imaginative play and creativity as children pretend to cook and prepare meals, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.