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Our Story

At Bambi Tods, we're all about making life easier for parents and more fun for kids. As someone who's worked closely with families, I saw how toys can clutter homes and add to the stress of caregiving. That's why we started Bambi Tods. Our mission is simple: to provide affordable, durable, and sustainable toys for children. We believe that toys should be tools for development, sparking creativity and a love for play. We want to help parents create a clutter-free, stress-free environment where they can cherish every moment with their little ones. Join us in this journey to simplify parenting and make every child's early years full of possibilities.

Featured products

Rent from the best

Rent the best Montessori-inspired and educator approved toys, for a fraction of the retail cost.

Save Space

The beauty of rental is that we can get them out of your space when you're finished!

Toy Library

Access to our library of educator-approved toys fit for all yout little one's milestones

Easy Rotation

Get what your little one needs, when they need it. Toys are swapped monthly.

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